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September 2016

Hello there! Welcome to the first in my series of blogs.

For this introductory ‘think piece,’ it seemed fitting to start at the beginning, and explain how I created Make Your Mark UK – and more importantly, why.

start upStarting my own charity consultancy had always been my ultimate ambition. Over the past decade, I’ve fervently followed industry news, attended countless seminars led by successful entrepreneurs, and even claimed the @MYM_UK Twitter handle, ‘just in case.’ However, I was (until recently) director of a children’s charity – in the middle of my comfort zone and somewhat daunted by the thought of going it alone. Then, in June 2016, I received some significant news: due to a charity merger, my directorial role was facing redundancy.

Although I’d absolutely loved working for the charity, as the old adage goes, “Everything happens for a reason”. Suddenly, the challenges of ‘going it alone’ became opportunities, and the uncertainty was replaced by excitement. I finally had the relevant experience and enough time to make my ambition a reality.

Having worked within the voluntary (or ‘third’) sector for 15 years, I’ve gained a wealth of skills, from front line service delivery, to project management, to event co-ordination. I’ve also liaised with people from every background and generation, providing them with practical advice and advocating on their behalves. These incredibly resilient individuals motivated me to develop my own consultancy firm.

JCI (Junior Chamber International) is another  invaluable part of Make Your Mark UK. The global, not-for-profit network provides development opportunities for its
200,000 members. I’ve been actively involved with the organisation since 2012; in 2014, I was even awarded ‘Most Outstanding World Member’ at JCI’s World Congress (to this day, the trophy remains the pride of my mantelpiece!). Through  JCI’s  high-quality training courses and international conferences, I’ve continuously built upon my consultancy skills and networked on a global scale. I’ve therefore become adept at recognising – and adapting to – different ways of working. Are you a stickler for details, or do you prefer to see the bigger picture? Either way, I enjoy tailoring my consultancy style to match the client’s preferred approach.

positive thinking


And no matter the situation, I always maintain a positive attitude. My glass is definitely half full (unless it’s last orders and you’re buying). This optimistic outlook is essential in helping me tackle any challenges facing a client and/or organisation.

Ultimately, I’m determined to make a positive impact by helping others turn their problems into opportunities – just like I was able to. That’s why Make Your Mark UK’s slogan is: ‘helping charities and voluntary sector organisations be better.’


Please let us know what topics you would like us to write about, or if you would like to be a guest blogger.